Crosswords Creator

Create word search puzzles to study or for fun. Generate word search, print it or send it by email or through Google Classroom to your students. Generate school activities easily with this free word search generator.

How to make word search puzzles automatically?

Think about a theme for your word search. For example, some people create wordsearch puzzles about world history or chemistry. Use word search puzzles to study foreign languages: See an example of a word search puzzle to study French.

To make your word search puzzle, come up with a list of words. Write them on the first field of the form above. Then go ahead and click add. Once you have enough words (you can use up to twenty words), fill the description and click on generate.

Depending of the dimensions of your word search puzzle, not every word may fit in there. You might want to replace some words and generate again.

After you are satisfied with the result you can click on save and then you can share your puzzle with your friends, students, teachers or even with strangers on the streets.